More about us

In the beginning, we only focused on supplying beer bottles. All we did was package them nicely and deliver to the customers. But then the truth hit us hard - beer bottles are some of the most common contents in any landfill. All the bottles we supply end in the landfills and with every sale we make we understood that we are also contributing to the pollution of the soil. We began to increase the awareness in the consumers about the need for recycling beer bottles. That was when we got to know about the shortage of resources which help consumers recycle glass. We learned about the concept of container deposit followed in several parts of the world and decided that we had to be part of it. That was how it all began. Today nearly all our customers send us back their beer bottles and we make sure that we give them all a new life in the best possible way.

Beer bottle recycling at our end takes place in the following steps-

  • Customer sends us back the beer bottles
  • We pay our customers the denomination promised depending on the type of bottle being sent back.
  • Our sorting team then segregates the bottle and picks out the ones that should be sent to the bottling units and the ones that are to be broken.
  • The crushed glass could be used not just in making new bottles but also in the preparation of construction materials and there are places where these pellets are used to lay roads as well. There are so many such places where we send the crushed pellets. We handle more than just bottle recycling
  • It is not just glass that is involved in the shipping of beer bottles. We take care of every little product including the plastic and the cardboard that is used up. This is how we have today grown to be one of the most popular beer suppliers with an eco-friendly approach.