There are plenty of ways in which you could recycle glass. Glass bottles and jars could be redecorated and reused in several places at home. And for the broken glass, it could be melted and given a new life as recycled glass products. Every little step you take to recycle or reuse glass would benefit the earth.

Beer bottle recycling

Beer bottles are in abundance in dump trucks. If all of these beer bottles could be recycled it would reduce the strain on the soil to a great extent.When we talk about beer bottles, there are glass bottles in most cases and there are some plastic ones and beer cans as well.

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Then there are the cartons in which these bottles arrive packaged. So for a single beer bottle to be delivered to a customer, there is a lot of packaging that goes in and thus a lot of waste to be handled in the end.

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Beer bottle and container refunds

The concept of depositing food containers is a revolutionary concept. There are now companies that allow you to deposit your beer bottles and other types of food containers. The process can be quite simple. But in the end, you would also be able to get back a small sum of money for the deposit you make. This value is offered to the customers to encourage them to recycle as a sign of respecting their concern for the environment. Find a list of the types of bottles and containers that you could deposit and the money offered for each of them. Either send the package over a courier service or drop them in a nearby warehouse.

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What happens to those bottles your deposit?


There are several countries that have now started increasing the awareness for recycling bottles and containers through these container deposit processes. There are different legislation governing the container deposit. The legislation talks about what is done to the containers once customers deposit them.And then cleaning and recycling take place.

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Recycling units

Take the case of beer bottles for example – these could directly be processed in bottling plants or could be redirected to the recycling units that convert glass bottles into pellets by crushing them. The crushed glass could be used in manufacturing glass products. The stronger variants of glass bottles that could directly be used are the ones that are sent to bottling units.

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Broken glass bottles

The brittle ones, broken glass bottles, and the single-use bottles are all sent to be converted to pellets.All of these units also take care of recycling of the cartons and other related products that are involved in shipping the bottles for recycling. Glass sorting happens at first to segregate the different types of glass. And then cleaning and recycling take place.

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Why beer bottle recycling is a good thing?

It is said that for the glass to be completely decomposed it takes nearly a million years. Such materials are the biggest harming factors that reduce the quality of the soil. Recycling of glass bottles like beer bottles is thus very important.

Recycling today is easier thanks to the option of depositing bottles directly to the manufacturer or the supplier of the beer. This process ensures that the beer bottle doesn’t reach the landfill. Within a short duration, an old beer bottle can be given a new life. In the end, whether it is bottling that happens or recycling and recreation of glass there is no compromise on the quality of the glass. It is not just bottles and containers that are made with recycled glass. The pellets obtained from glass recycling can also be used in the manufacture of tiles and many landscaping products. There are plenty of decorative accents made out of the recycled glass as well. Beer bottle suppliers can reap several economic benefits from glass recycling and so can the customers.

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